Mannheim Advisors : Recuitment and Career Architects

Mannheim Advisors combines the critical competences to deliver high quality service to its clients, including:
• Deep sector and function expertise of the served markets. Most of our business is repeat business, which is the greatest validation of bringing the expected service level to our clients.
• Experience in delivering Executive Search and Advisory services to leading international institutions.
• Dedication to serve top executives in our field of competences.
• Strong performance track record and dedication to deliver results above our clients’ expectations.
• Real knowledge, experience and understanding of major pan-European domestic markets.

Our advice and assistance is provided with openness, innovation and integrity in our partners’ best interest.

And last, but not least: with Mannheim Advisors what you see is what you get. The team that is presented to you is the same team conducting the search.
Mannheim Advisors : Recuitment and Career Architects